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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Nov 9 05:21:10 PST 2000

On November  9, 2000 06:30 am, you wrote:
> just a thought:
> what about mailto: lfs-request
> subject and/or body: unsubscribe <list name>
> no doubt about where to send,
> no doubt about where to put unsubscribe
> (for all those who do not know other ways)

At the moment you can email to listar at
But yes I can see where that can be hard to remember. I can setup an alias 
from something to listar. Perhaps the whole -request thing is too hard for 
some. How about unsubscribe at and in subject "unsubscribe 
listname" and equally subscribe at with a subject of 
"subscribe listname"

Then again, how much should one accommodate people who can't read 
instructions....i'll have to give this some thought

Gerard Beekmans

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