reboot problems...again

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at
Thu Nov 9 09:58:48 PST 2000

On Thursday 09 November 2000 01:51, you wrote:
> Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:
> > Yo,
> >
> > On Tue, Nov 07, 2000 at 07:51:50PM -0500, Barry wrote:
> > > you may want to try a fully monolithic kernel (no module support) just
> > > for now...
> >
> > This is a good idea, whenever you do an LFS build, just make sure all
> > your hardware is compiled in the kernel (aka monolithic) as you have
> > less problems(well ofcourse, unless you really know what your doing :)
> > dunno.. just modules aren't good for certain things
> > (ext2, scsi, ide support, etc :)
> yep, and I'll add a few kernel tweaking tips that I've learned over much
> trial and error (luckily, more trial than error <EG>)...
> 1) If you aren't sure about helper tools on the system your building the
> new kernel on (any distro, particularly new ones) ALWAYS build an
> optimized monolithic kernel first.  This can save you problems later on
> if you're building a modular kernel and you accidentally overwrite your
> old modules.  

There is a seperate dir for every kernelversion, where the modules are 
installed, so they won't get overwritten. (except you do some source hacking 
on the modules)

>This used to be a larger problem with older kernels (2.0
> and early 2.2 line)... but it's always a good idea to have a handy
> standalone kernel lying around...just in case...

just in case what? if the modularized kernel does not work you can always
boot the old one. 


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