reboot problems...again

Barry Barry at
Thu Nov 9 17:45:42 PST 2000

> > 1) If you aren't sure about helper tools on the system your building the
> > new kernel on (any distro, particularly new ones) ALWAYS build an
> > optimized monolithic kernel first.  This can save you problems later on
> > if you're building a modular kernel and you accidentally overwrite your
> > old modules.
> There is a seperate dir for every kernelversion, where the modules are
> installed, so they won't get overwritten. (except you do some source hacking
> on the modules)

yes, but if you're compiling the same kernel version, it overwrites the
modules.  This isn't a big deal with newer kernels, but I've had
problems with older kernels (late 2.0 and early 2.2 version level)...

another way to handle this is to edit the Makefile after the
[x][menu]config step and add a value to extraversion...this will place
and reference the modules into a different dir.

> >This used to be a larger problem with older kernels (2.0
> > and early 2.2 line)... but it's always a good idea to have a handy
> > standalone kernel lying around...just in case...
> just in case what? if the modularized kernel does not work you can always
> boot the old one.

ever had an ext2 error that frag'ed /lib/modules ???

It's happened to me in the past.  and if you build your kernel to my
suggestions above, it's not a major deal..however, it can limit your
ability to use the system if an essential module gets corrupted.

let's just say I border on the paranoid sometimes...and that I concider
this to be a prudent way to go... I'm not against using modular kernels,
I'm just saying it's a good idea to have a backdoor handy...just in

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