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J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at belvento.org
Sat Nov 11 08:25:16 PST 2000

On Friday 10 November 2000 22:15, dmetruck (Mark) wrote:
+-- Jeff wrote:
> > Mark, where the book says,
> > "./configure --enable-static-link ... --with-curses", change
> > "--with-curses" to "--with-ncurses".
> >
> > Continue from there as in the book and should be fine for a happy,
> > static bash!
>    Thank you Jeff. Is this something that I have to change in other
> places or just here?

I think just here!

Note, this is and has been a FAQ on this list. You'll even see other 
threads here discussing the relative merits of different ways to fix it.

It's not a problem with the book at all. It's really a problem with your 
distro. The --with-ncurses fix is *only* one way... To permanently fix 
your distro you can fix it with (There is a missing symlink.) ...

Find out where your curses libraries live (/usr/lib or /lib). Do
`ls /usr/lib/*curses*` and `ls /lib/*curses*` . Then `cd` to wherever you 
found them and do:

`ln -s libncurses.a libcurses.a`

Other things to help along the way with your LFS install (unrelated to 
the above)...
1) If you ever find yourself in a pickle with configurating a package,
   `./configure --help | more` can be very helpful.

2) Reading the README, INSTALL, etc. files included with a particular
   package will *usually* help to answer many common, and not so common,

3) You may also find that poking around in Makefiles in conjunction with
   #1 & #2 will give an excellent opportunity to learn how these things
   fit together...

Good luck and have fun; that's the whole point of this (fun and 
learning). What's one without the other! :o)

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