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Misquoted from Hywel Mallett on Sat, Nov 11, 2000 at 02:52:48PM -0000:
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> > For those who are interested glibc-2.2 has been released.
> > It has been on for a couple of days ,
> > but I see now that it has made it to
> > 
> > Harold Noad
> Is there a prize for the first to get working glibc-2.2 LFS system? :-)

After a day searching for glibc-crypt-2.2 on a non-us mirror I have found
crypt is now part of glibc. The silly export restriction is no more.

glibc-2.2 is currently building. If that works, I will try a full
LFS build with all my extras linked with the new glibc tonight.
This takes over 5.5 hours (600Mhz athlon) so I will tell you if
it works tomorrow.


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