having trouble with setting debian host type on configure

Matthew Taylor matt.taylor at othermedia.com
Mon Nov 13 08:32:41 PST 2000


I hope I'm not asking something that has already been discussed, but I've
checked the archives and I can't find any ref to it.

I've got a fresh debian (potato) install from which I'm trying to install an
LFS 2.4.2 system on my athlon pc, but I've reached a problem at the
beginning. When trying to ./configure bash2.04 using the params specified in
the LFS book, it gives me an error saying it can't guess the host type and I
must supply one. That's fine as I read the bash INSTALL file which says that
configure can't guess like it says. Trouble is I'm setting my host type like
this --host=i386-linux and it still causes problems, configure likes that a
bit more but then chucks an error later on saying that it can't check for a
certain condition when cross-compiling.
I'm a bit new at this and I didn't even realise I was cross compiling, I'm
sure I've missed something obvious and any help would greatly be appreciated
as one of the main reasons for me installing this LFS system was to raise my
general linux knowledge :)


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