Problem with userid.

Frank Langtind frank at
Mon Nov 13 11:05:48 PST 2000


I've just installed linux from scratch, and almost everything seem to work 
perfect. That is, I've compiled everything without severe compile errors. But 
there is still two problems:

- When I try to make a password in chroot'ed environment I get the following 
bash-2.04# passwd root
passwd: Cannot determine your user name. 

whoami returns:
bash-2.04# whoami
whoami: cannot find username for UID 0  

I have installed the shadow passwd suite and my passwd and shadow file seem 
bash-2.04# cat shadow
bash-2.04# cat passwd

Anybody who have a suggestion?

The other problem is not so critical, but anyhow... When booting up my lfs 
the system logger hangs for some minutes and fails to start. The kernel 
logger starts without problems.

Thanks in advance!

Frank Langtind

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