It boots! Hooray!

Page Underwood underwood at
Mon Nov 13 22:27:40 PST 2000

New LFS - booting!  Now for networking, and gotta have some apache, and
some ftp and telnet and Xfree86 and....

I can't say I didn't have any trouble - but I owe all involved with the
LFS phenomenon a big thanks - from Gerard and many fine contributors all
the way to the 100's of questions and 1000's of answers flowing through
these mailing lists. Thank you all for this incredible resource of
information.  I usually knew how to solve the problems I was having
because I was reading about those same problems on these mailing lists.

I also can't say that I know what everything does on the extremely
minimal but bootable and servicable LFS system.  But I know WAY more
than I did before. So many aspects of the system are not such a big
mystery anymore.

I guess I've spent about 4 or 5 weeks of my spare time doing this, with
a couple of restarts for whatever reason. I've collected a bunch of my
own shell scripts for this (as I see many of you do) to help 'do over'

To all those just starting out, or still working on your own LFS
systems, be encouraged.  I am completely confident I can get this box on
the net (next chapter), and also get whatever other software I want
installed and configured. All the effort it has taken just to boot up
and login has been well worth the reward in learning and understanding.

My only complaint is that I seem to have had too much good luck and only
a few problems to overcome - I am envious of those of you who had to
struggle a little more than I have because of how much more you learned
in the process.

Thanks again,


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