Problem with userid.

Frank Langtind frank at
Mon Nov 13 23:24:09 PST 2000

On Tuesday 14 November 2000 08:20, you wrote:
> > The other problem is not so critical, but anyhow... When booting up my
> > lfs the system logger hangs for some minutes and fails to start. The
> > kernel logger starts without problems.
> Actually it is critical for a normal operation of your system.
> Try copying the libnss files from your starting distribution to $LFS/lib
> like the book describes to do when you start with a Glibc-2.0 system. It
> sometimes fixes it evne if you didn't start with a distro that uses
> glibc-2.0

I've tried that. My distribution is redhat 6.2 and I have glibc-2.1.3 I've 
tried to copy the lbnss*-filen after the packages are compiled. Should I try 
to recompile some packages to make it work?


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