*** missing separator

fred anger anger at rightarm.org
Tue Nov 14 06:56:22 PST 2000

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Noel Lagas wrote:

> Hi,
> I did this:
> /mnt/lfs# chroot /mnt/lfs env -i HOME=/root bash --login
> bash-2.04# cd /usr/src/perl-5.6.0
> bash-2.04# ./Configure -Dprefix=/usr
> bash-2.04# make
> ... and I got this prompt after executing "make"
> Makefile: 570: *** missing separator. Stop.
> bash-2.04#
> Why was "make" not done? What does this message mean?

It means the makefile is incomplete.  I had this exact same problem.  
Some other tools need to be installed before perl can be configured in the
chroot'ed environment, so if you want perl as soon as you chroot, you'll
have to build a static version.  This is what I did, and it works nicely.  
Here's a hint for building static perl:

cd $LFS/usr/src/perl-5.6.0
../Configure -Dprefix=../.. -Aldflags=-static -Uusedl -Uinstallusrbinperl
make test
make install

Add a -de to the configure line if you don't want to answer any questions.  
Note that it doesn't seem to install the libraries where you'd want, so if
you need them, you'll need to give the -l option when running perl scripts
once chroot'ed (until you install perl of course).  Here's how I run my
auto-build script:

perl -l/usr/src/perl-5.6.0/lib myautobuildscript.pl


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