iBook again

Florin Boariu florin at bnv-bamberg.de
Tue Nov 14 07:14:30 PST 2000


I finally got my machine! I upgraded to 192 MB RAM, so it actually starts
to feel real good :)

Now I'll be starting to install LFS from scratch, directly next to
MacOS. I don't feel like buying/downloading a linuxppc distro, because I'm
quite sure I'm not gonna use it. I kinda got used to my 15 sec boot up
time on my intel machine, and I don't wanna give that up :)

The first problem is how the hell do I make a partition? I an absolute
Mac-Newbie, and my brain was completely damaged by intel technology the
last couple of yeras, so can anyone give me some hints? Of course, I could
aswell ask some linuxppc.org list for help, but there are two reasons why
I'm not eager to:

1) I'm not subscribed to any.
2) They might do things some other way and not necessarily be able to help
me with my problems. They use distros, I don't...

If I'm completely off-topic with this issue, then please tell me, but I
think some of you might actually really enjoy this ride. AFAIK noone
installed a cross-compiled LFS yet, right?

best regards,
[...] try this new version instead, which many people believe to
      be the perfect compromise between new and old bugs. :)

	-- announce of ircII 2.9 "roof"

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