silly man pages

Thinus Pollard thinusp at
Tue Nov 14 22:26:40 PST 2000

after installing X (and yes, it works, kinda ;) ) i'm getting strange errors
with man, but it seems to affect only the X man pages. All the pages that
was installed with X (i think) first gives me a error about f-something
can't find the file and then a man error telling me the page is not
available. the affected pages seems to have a .[number]x extension, all the
others works like a charm.

and secondly: Can anybody please direct me to a place where i can find out
how to setup my startx script to start x with KDE 2.0 (no problems there,
thanx to the wonderfull X11guide) and what needs to be done to be able to
boot into the GUI?

Thank you

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