some more glibc stuff ;)

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Wed Nov 15 15:40:22 PST 2000

> on the same subject, (almost ;) )
> i install glibc and going through my (newly created) logs (of which i'm
> pretty proud of seeing as they are created with a few scripts -- my first
> thank you) i see that during the configure, right after it checks for
> makeinfo, it declares that some packages can't be found and not all of glibs
> will be compiled, refering me to INSTALL. After visiting this file i
> discovered that my base SuSE system doesn't have gettext and texinfo
> installed. It never had, and LFS worked just fine.
> 2 questions arise:
> 1. is this critical, do i have to recompile glibc (pre-chroot) after adding
> those packages to SuSE?

texinfo is only necessary if you want to recreate the documentation (which 
you don't need to if you haven't changed them). Compiling with gettext is 
required if you want internationalization support. I had the same problem, 
installed gettext on my old SuSE and configure was satisfied. 
> 2. will it be OK to recompile glibc after you've chrooted (even rebooted)
> after all other packages (including your versions of gettext and texinfo)
> are installed, or do you need those libs in the state that they are after
> you've linked everything to them?

It should be okay to recompile in chroot. Anyway, you'll notice any 
problems if configure, make or make check fails but I wouldn't expect it. 
Compiling glibc on an old libc5 system may fail but if it fails on a glibc 
system, that's a bug.


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