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Duraid latif2221 at
Wed Nov 15 18:23:34 PST 2000

> and secondly: Can anybody please direct me to a place where i can find out
> how to setup my startx script to start x with KDE 2.0 (no problems there,
> thanx to the wonderfull X11guide) and what needs to be done to be able to
> boot into the GUI?

find xinitrc file ( i think it's in usr/X11R6/lib/xinit/xinitrc) delete every
thing in there ( the stuff there is to start the fw somthing window manager)
and put startkde instead.
the way i did it is
inside the xinit directory
# mv xinitrc xinitrc.fwm
creat a file called xinint.kde which has the command startkde in it
# ln -s xinitrc.kde xinitrc

that is the way it's done in slackware


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