silly man pages -> cpp doesn't like undef

fre at fre at
Thu Nov 16 04:56:36 PST 2000

Sami wrote:

>I had the same problem as described below. I browsed through the log-
>files that were created when compiling X and noticed that there were
>complaints that cpp program didn't recognize an '-undef' option.
>That is why the few man-pages weren't created.
>I removed the '-undef' option from an Imake.tmpl file (or similar)
>in the config section of the source tree and recomplied. Now everything
>works fine.

The cpp used in this case is /lib/cpp, which *really* doesn't like the option
'-undef'. This is not like to be expected, the option is mentioned in the
so I guess, that it has to work.

Can someone in LFS-country have a look at the compiler installation or at least
try "/lib/cpp -undef"?


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