init and killscripts runlevel 0 & 6

Donnie Roos dr at
Thu Nov 16 05:24:24 PST 2000

I have a few queston regarding init and runlevel 0 & 6.

I have just rewritten the rc script (send in another mail) and during
debugging this i noticed that init sends the TERM & KILL signals before
switching to runlevel 0 or 6. In runlevel 0 & 6 syslogd and klogd are
stopped and the TERM & KILL signals are send. This is where I got confused.
If init already sends the TERM & KILL signals syslogd & klogd shouldn't be
running anymore so why stop them and why send these signals gain ourselves ?

Can someone explain this to me?

Donnie Roos

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