rewritten rc script

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Nov 16 05:44:41 PST 2000

> I have just finished rewriting the rc script in init.d. With this version
> the start- & kill-scripts for a runlevel are contained in one directory.
> The script is supplied as attachment usage follows below.

So if I get it right:

when you leave run level 3, /etc/rc3.d/K* are run, right?

Does your script check if in the run level it switches to a S script is 
present? If I change from level 3 to level 4 I don't want 
/etc/rc3.d/K20something to run (like postfix, ethnet, sysklogd, whatever) 
because in level 4 it will be started anyways.

No, I have not looked at the script itself yet. I had this put on the TODO 
list (the rc script change) for LFS-2.4.4 but you beat me to it. Thanks 
though, saves me some work. I won't include it in LFS-2.4.3, i don't have the 
time to make the necesarry changes (and test it myself too) anymore, but I 
will get to it after 2.4.3 has been released. 


Gerard Beekmans

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