init and killscripts runlevel 0 & 6

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Nov 16 15:18:18 PST 2000

On November 16, 2000 11:21 am, you wrote:
> At 08:47 AM 11/16/00 -0500, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> <snip explanation on sendsignals script>
> >I'm actually thinking about patching sysvinit not to send those signals
> >and create a script to send those signals. What if you don't want to
> >send TERM but something else. sendsignals is easier to modify than
> >recompiling sysvinit every time you wan to make that change.
> I think it would be better to first run the scripts for runlevel
> and than send the TERM & KILL signals. I makes more sense to me
> fisrt running the 'cleanup' scripts for a runlevel and than terminate
> any remaining processes by sending TERM & KILL

That's how it works right now. The first term&kill come from sysvinit which I 
can't seem to stop. the second term&kill comes from the S80sendsignals 
symlinks that's run after the K scripts brought down services in a 
'civilized' manner

> Hmmm, maybe I should put it on my todo list. I'll see if I can make
> some time for this.
> Donnie Roos

Gerard Beekmans

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