init and killscripts runlevel 0 & 6

Donnie Roos dr at
Fri Nov 17 03:25:40 PST 2000

>I don't think I made myself clear. The current situation is as you
>describe. sysvinit sends the signals and then runs the scripts
>I am talking about sysvinit first running the scripts before sending
>the TERM & KILL signals. So first T&K from S80sendsignals and second
>T&K from sysvinit.

Hmmm, just realised that this won't work. After running the scripts
init can not send any signals because the machine is either halted
or rebooting. "logic-error detected reboot brain now?"

I'll see if I can rip out the signalcode but it looks like it is needed
when switching runlevels (depending on inittab configuration)


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