X Consumes constant 90-99% CPU usage

tjing tjang tsji tjingtjangtsji at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 19 05:13:15 PST 2000

Hi there.

I just downloaded and installed XFree86 4.01 from sources. However, X is 
very slow. Since I have a Athlon 600, 128 MB, and a Matrox Millenium G400 
32Mb, I decided it couldnt be slow hardware, and I ran 'top'. 'top' shows X 
as using a constant 90-99% CPU usage. Even if I replace my window manager by 
twm, X still uses 90-99% CPU, so its not my window manager. When I boot into 
my Mandrake distro instead of LFS on the same system and run X from my 
Mandrake distro, it runs fine. So I guess its not faulty hardware either. I 
recompiled twice to see if something went wrong there, and even went through 
the trouble of downloading and installing the precompiled binarys from 
xfree86.org, but even that did not solve my problem. Only if I switch from X 
to a virtual console using ALT-Fxx, does the cpu usage of X drop down again 
to (almost) zero. And then as soon as I switch back to my X session, it goes 
all the way back up again and stays there. I am running the mga driver that 
comes with XFree86 401 and not the driver that Matrox supplies themselves 
for X.

Does anyone know what could be going on here? I have no idea on where to 
start looking, or how to even start to troubleshoot this issue. If someone 
could give me a few pointers here, that would be greatly appreciated. 

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