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Sun Nov 19 05:33:09 PST 2000


On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 01:09:38PM +0100, Tijmen Stam wrote:
> Is it possible that, in the subject of the mailinglists, the word
> [lfs-discuss] (or linux, or whatever, including the square brackets) is
> included? it makes it a lot easyer for my mail filter to autodirect them
> to a separate container...

Your using netscape mail, no? in the Filter Rules you can use the sender
or the to fields, that should be all you need.

> p.s. I noted the (extended) network and X sections aren't included in
> 2.4.2 anymore. Why is that, are there any plans toward doing this again,
> and  is any help needed?

Mainly because it's twice as much work keeping the extended instruction
(Hey, consider Gerard has a job and a life also ;)

Most of the important sections from the old HOWTO's (aka 2.2), LFSer's
have written LFS-Hints (check the website for Hints)

Last Thursday, we starting work on the LFS InfoSys which is a LFS-Hints
style on steriods :) (first thing will include the FAQ section to give
users account so they can update it, etc.. once that is working good we
can just plung down the Hints sub-project, more details will be posted

You can always go back and read the older HOWTO, All the official (and
never released HOWTO's) are up on the right now, allthough only
in SGML, if your looking for a specific version, drop the mailing list a
note or hop on IRC@#LFS and someone will have a copy :)
(note: actually i still have 2.2 up on and many LDP Mirrors do also)

PS, no need to directly CC/TO Gerard like that, he is subscribed to
every *lfs* mailing lists and will get the mail, he reads all his mail,
he is a machine, he eats mail, he is harsh *chuckles and mumbles away*

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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