XFree86-4.01 and Flags

John E. Garrott Sr johnga at primenet.com
Sun Nov 19 23:20:13 PST 2000

After much research, both in my system docs and on the
net, I set CFLAGS="-O3 -mcpu=i586 -march=pentium" in
my .bash_profile. 

i586 and pentium were the only values I found that
would work.

However, following Sergey Ostrovsky's X11Guide, X4.01
tripped over -march=pentium, converting the "pentium"
into "1" and choking.

This leads me to suspect that I don't really know 
what is supposed to be in the "-mcpu" and "-march"

Could someone explain these to me, or point me to 
some simple documentation on it?  Preferably in
words of one syllable -- I might, on a good day,
be able to handle two syllables, if there aren't 
too many of them :)



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