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Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Mon Nov 20 15:30:22 PST 2000

> There is a difference between the From: and the "From " header.
> The "From " header is often writting like that enclosed in double quotes 
> because in the headers of an email From is followd by a space and then the 
> email address of the sender and the date. From immediate followed by a colon 
> (:) specifies the sender.
> But besidest that I was wrong anyways. "From " used to contain listname-owner 
> when it went through Majordomo and it mangled the headers that way. It's 
> still a force of habbit, listar doesn't do it that way. Here are the proper 
> headers you can filter on:

Why do I always see "from". Why doesn't anybody mention the reply-to 
header. Am I the only one that has it?
It seems to contain lfs-discuss at
all the time.


Vacuum cleaners suck!

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