XFree86-4.01 and Flags

Sergey Ostrovsky sostrovsky at snip.net
Mon Nov 20 16:30:32 PST 2000

scott thomason wrote:

> Try making both flags say the same thing, like "-O3 -march=pentium
> -mcpu=pentium". I've never compiled X, but here's something else to
> check: when you do the "make" (or is it "make world" or something in
> X), do you see your CFLAG settings actually included in the various
> compilation commands? If not, you might need to work harder at

I believe I checked that every gcc call carries _my_ parameters, and some

of settings in that mentioned guide exist just for this. Please tell me,
if discover
something different. Those -O2 -march=i586 -mcpu=i586 are my actual
BTW, in the mail archive you can find just __excellent__ explanation of
you can put your gcc/pgcc with snippets of real gcc code where you can
see the
logic on you own. I would say this is the stuff to read before anything
else - X, RPM,
you name it. Thanks again, Scott.

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