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Seth W. Klein sklein at
Mon Nov 20 19:26:07 PST 2000

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On November 19, 2000 09:18 pm, you wrote:
> > Tijmen Stam wrote:
> > > Is it possible that, in the subject of the mailinglists, the word
> > > [lfs-discuss] (or linux, or whatever, including the square brackets)
> > > is included? it makes it a lot easyer for my mail filter to autodirect
> > > them to a separate container...
> >
> > I second this. I find it preferable even when filtering with procmail.
> We have discussed this before.

My apologies. I plead lack of a FAQ :)

> The general concensus was that most people
> didn't like the subject tags (including me)

I'd like to weigh in on the "like subject tags" side. But i'm repeating
things again :)

> and we also think that any email
> client worth being called a client (or delivery agent like procmail) should
> be able to filter on the "from " header which always contains:
> listname-owner at

Erm, last i heard, "From " was not a header but rather the unix mailbox
format's message seperator. Most client's probably can filter based
on it, but....

My full argument goes like this:

With no tags, i have to receive a message, sort through the headers,
find a suitable one (and which one is suitable may not be obvious and
is likely to change from list to list), and write a filter. If something
changes (the list moves, for instance) i have to rewrite the filter and
laboriously check each message in my default box to cleanup any spills
since the change.

Also, if i take a thread off the list, i may want it sorted with the
list stuff anyway, but there's no way to achieve that.

With subject tags, i may not even need to receive a first message to
know what the tag is. In any case, i can simply copy a filter and change
the clearly marked text. No thought, little chance for errors, even
typos. If the list moves, i change nothing, clean no spills.

If i take a thread off the list, i choose whether to sort it with the
list or not; simply leaving the tag or deleting it.

OK, i'll be quiet now :)

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