NEW packages

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Tue Nov 21 12:24:42 PST 2000

I just checked the packages for the upcoming LFS-2.4.3 - I found the
following new ones:

NOTE: These were not checked to work correctly yet, minor
version-changes should not make any problems though, but especially with
glibc-2.2 I suggest being careful :)

binutils-2.10.1 (2.10)
glibc-2.2 (2.1.3)
glibc-linuxthreads-2.2 (2.1.3)
ncurses-5.2 (5.1)
file-3.33 (3.32)
bin86-0.15.4 (0.15.1)
modutils-2.3.20 (2.3.17)
util-linux-2.10q (2.10o)

Special notes:
glibc-crypt (2.1.3):
        - not needed anymore, because it was included into glibc
glibc-patch (2.1.3):
        - is it still needed with 2.2? need to check first - until then
          it does not exist :)
perl (5.6.0):
        - no update, but complain: will they ever call it right? ;) (1.9.9):
        - No official DL-Location? Checked FM but the listed location
          only had "Alpha"-releases...


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