unable to execute /etc/init.d/rc

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Nov 22 12:10:34 PST 2000

> When booting into lfs for the first time, I see messages saying INIT is unable to execute /etc/init.d/rc, /etc/init.d/rcS, and some message about not being able to convert tty.  I keep seeing the unable to execute the scripts error when trying to login.  I have to type ctrl+alt+del to get into single user mode, then type reboot to login to my original linux distribution.  I've tried to execute the rc and rcS scripts from chrooted environment as well as from my original linux distribution and it says it
is unable to find the rc script.  I typed "./rc 0" and "./rcS" but both the chrooted environment and original distribution still respond with unable to find ./rc and ./rcS.  What am I doing wrong?

To start with, are the permissions set to mode 7xx where xx could be 54
or 55

The first line of the script contains:

does /bin/sh exist within chroot? If not create it:
enter chroot
cd /bin
ln -s bash sh

reboot, it should work now	

Gerard Beekmans

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