glibc 2.2 configure options

Harold Noad noadie at
Wed Nov 22 14:07:45 PST 2000

On Wednesday 22 November 2000 08:49, you wrote:
> Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about the following
> glibc-2.2 configure options:
>   --enable-libio	  build in GNU libio instead of GNU stdio
>   --enable-profile	  build profiled library [default=yes]
>   --enable-omitfp	  build undebuggable optimized library
> [default=no]
>   --enable-bounded	  build with runtime bounds checking
> [default=no]
> I'm thinking of using --enable-libio, --disable-profile,
> --enable-omitfp, --enable-bounded, but before I compile this big
> beast again, I'd like to know if someone else has already been
> burned.
> ---scott

IIRC --disable-profile cuts down the size of the lib by some but not all that 
much. --enable-omitfp sounds good but actually creates an extra static lib 
with all the debugging info in it. Hardly useful for most people.
What I do is edit the glibc-2.2/Makeconfig file and change the default_cflags 
label from -O -g  to whatever  I want.  This to me is the easiest way.
Happy Compiling.

Harold Noad

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