Very slow Lan network. (Newbie)

Thorben Thuermer thorbenthuermer at
Thu Nov 23 10:04:06 PST 2000

> Franklin Ian Skosan wrote:
> I running a Lan with Linux PC 1 and Windows 98 +Redat 6.2 Linux PC 2
> I do get a connect with a Telnet session  from Windows to Linux but it
> is very slow
> it takes a 1min 20sec before something happends. When I,am logged in
> it woks find (fast)

I had the same problem when the machine i tried to login to couldn't
reverse lookup the ip of the conecting machine, it waited for a lookup
on my ISP's nameserver (or whatever) to timeout, which caused the lag.

adding a entry for the box i connected from to /etc/hosts fixed that

Thorben Thuermer

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