info -> man pages ?

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Thu Nov 23 15:04:24 PST 2000

> I hate info.

So do I and so do a lot of people (the majority?) 

> Is there a way to convert info files into man pages? I
> would suppose the answer is yes, and it's simple,

Yes and no. It is simple to create a manpage from an .info file, simply by 
reformatting the text to the manpage format. However that would not be a 
useful manpage. The advantage of manpages is that they are concise and not 
decorated with all that tutorial material in info files. This is something 
that you obviously can't remove automatically, not without hints in the 
info files. What we'd need is someone to volunteer to place such hints in 
the .texi sources and write a program to create a useful manpage out of 


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