problems compiling KDELIBS-2.0 on LFS 2.4.2

sweeper sweeper at
Thu Nov 23 16:56:42 PST 2000

> did you install kdesupport? If not try it (though the error mnight not be
> related to it, often we find that kdelibs problems are due to kdesupport
> missing)

yes, I've got kdesupport indstalled, I've adapted the script within the
x11hint file, and there, kdesupport is installed first...

I've found a bug-report on, that describes a similar problem
with kdelibs, they state that it's possible that the compiler ran out of
memory, which I think shouldn't be the case, as I've got 128megs of ram in
my box...

but, if it would be the case, that the compiler does run out of memory, how
could I prevent it from doing so?

could the problem also be that I've got the path to the kdelibs
(/opt/kde/libs) already in my I've added it there because I've
had problems getting kdelibs recognize that audiofile (which gets installed
with kde-support) is already installed....

i've also added the paths to /opt/kde/bin and /opt/kde/libs to my path
variable, but I don't think that this or the above could be a problem...



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