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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Nov 24 05:47:47 PST 2000

> Would it be possible to simply have one large file containing the all
> the book's install commands so that we could "diff" one version
> against the next to see the few lines that changed? That would be so
> much more useful (for me, anyway) than a change log, and I would
> imagine there are lots of other people who would find it useful too.
> It's a real headache to hand-compare each web page against the
> scripts I already have to find the few interesting tidbits that
> changed.

I know the .txt and the nochunk.html have been pointed out but that's not 
really usable because I also change the text around it so you'd have to 
compare every section individually. I can see that would be a lot of work.

This "command diff" sounds like something a lot of us could use. Of course 
setting it up is a nice big job (having to paste all the commands into a 
file) but once that first file is created it's a minor thing to maintain the 
file. I quite like this proposal. I'll start working on it. If you're (we're) 
lucky I might have it ready by 2.4.4 (and no there is no release date yet).

Oh, this always counts: if somebody has enough spare time to create this file 
him/herself you can do right ahead and send it to me. Just let me know if 
somebody plans to work on it (reply to this message and let us know will do) 
so nobody is doing double work for nothing.

> Please don't consider this a criticism of LFS ... I consider it to be
> the most useful resource I've ever found. But I think this would be a
> valuable addition that would keep the more experienced crowd happy.

Without criticism LFS wouldn't be here today

Gerard Beekmans

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