info -> man pages ?

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Fri Nov 24 15:18:30 PST 2000

> On Thursday 23 November 2000 20:04, you wrote:
> > I hate info. Is there a way to convert info files into man pages? I
> > would suppose the answer is yes, and it's simple, and I'm just
> > blissfully ignorant of it. What might it be?
> > ---scott
> What is your problem with info? It is just a man page with references,

No. It's more. It has tutorial stuff added and spreads useful info (like 
switches) over several sections. That makes info files a lot slower for 
looking up things. You usually have to navigate through several nodes to 
find the info you need. Especially the fact that switches are divided into 
groups that are listed separately is very annoying. A simple 
alphabetically sorted list of all switches like in normal manpages is a 
lot more useful for reference purposes. But fixing that is beyond the 
ability of an automatic info -> man converter because it does not only 
require reformatting. It also requires rearranging info. And of course the 
tutorial stuff in the info pages is just distracting and slowing you down 
when you are looking for a specific functionality. 
The manpages are the missing link between  --help  and the info pages. 
They are more detailed than --help but not as overloaded as the info 
pages. It's sad that not creating manpages is GNU policy.


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