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Fri Nov 24 21:30:59 PST 2000

On Monday 20 November 2000 04:13 pm, you wrote:
> Hey:
> Came across a review
> It works with a utility called installwatch. I was able to download the
> binaries from the checkinstall homepage
> ( Searching for the homepage
> to installwatch returns a link that is 404.
> My interest is a utility similar to installwatch that logs all the files
> created, deleted, modified, sym-links, etc. that takes place when
> installing a piece of software so that its removal, upgrading,
> what-have-you can be done cleanly.
> Thoughts, ideas . . . ?
> I think, therefore, ken_i_m

The problem with Installwatch is it doesn't work in the chroot environment 
without a lot of difficulty. Once you have a booted system and compile 
Instalwatch on it, you can go back into chroot and it will work fine.  I use 
two scripts while building LFS, one which uses installwatch, and another for 
the chroot environment which uses 'find'.  They both produce clean filelists 
of installed packages, and update the lists when one package overwrites files 
from another (there's quite a bit of that).  The scripts are attached, maybe 
you'll find them useful .

Greg T Hill
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