Sh-utils problem with mv

Bryan C. Lee leebc11 at
Sat Nov 25 00:31:30 PST 2000

In chapter 6 of version intel-2.4.3 I run the commands:

	./configure --prefix=$LFS/usr --disable-nls &&
       make LDFLAGS=-static &&
       make install &&
       cd $LFS/usr/bin &&
       mv date echo false pwd stty $LFS/bin &&
       mv su true uname hostname $LFS/bin

HOWEVER, when the second mv is executed, su is not in the current path to's in $LFS/src/sh-utils-2.0/src/.   This caused me a bit of
confusion and to remove, replace, and recompile the sh-utils package about
5 times now.

I went ahead and copied this one by hand.  Everything else got moved into
the right place I think.

Is this a problem with LFS or with the makefile install?

Also, are there any problems with my creating LFS as a normal user and not
root?  Nothing was mentioned in the introduction about needing to be root.
I have a feeling I'm going to need to chown the entire installation in a
couple chapters, but I can deal with that.  
I've already needed to be root to create the partition and to install gcc
on my normal system.  Anything else I need to know?  



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