Compiling gettext prob.

Matthias Minich matthias at
Sat Nov 25 04:48:36 PST 2000

Hello out there,

can you help me with this? it happend while compiling gettext. I'm running
Kernel 2.2.14 and (not sure) glibc2.1.
This is the compiler output:

creating tests/Makefile
creating m4/Makefile
creating misc/Makefile
creating misc/gettextize
creating intl/intlh.inst
creating config.h
config.h is unchanged
linking ./intl/libgettext.h to intl/libintl.h
cd . && aclocal -I m4
aclocal: 15: obsolete macro `AM_PROG_INSTALL'
make: *** [aclocal.m4] Error 1

any ideas?
Thanks a lot... Matthias Minich

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