nasty X crashes

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Sat Nov 25 15:30:15 PST 2000

After installing shadopwd, the chroot environment does not work stable 
under X anymore. I just have to execute the new su for instance and my 
mouse stops moving. If I don't abort X immediately, the whole thing hangs. 
And even if I exit X immediately with Ctrl-Alt-BS or change to a vt with 
Ctrl-Alt-F1, the text mode is not restored which effectively means I have 
to Ctrl-Alt-Del reboot the system to be able to work again. 
Has anyone else witnessed this behaviour? 
And the other way around, is there anyone who has successfully built LFS 
under X past the installation of shadowpwd?

I know I can just continue installing LFS on a Linux text console but of 
course this makes me uneasy. I fear I might run into trouble once I 
install X on my LFS system.

Another strange thing relating to the installing of shadowpwd package is 
that after doing make install, the source directory and files in it are 
suddenly owned by 1000.50. 
Has anyone else seen that?


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