nasty X crashes

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Sat Nov 25 16:36:06 PST 2000

> On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 01:11:45AM +0100, Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> > But have you used any of the programs installed by shadowpwd? I think the 
> > normal way of doing things is to be root from the beginning of chroot to 
> > the edn and to not even have any other user to su to. It would be very 
> > interesting if someone here could try using the shadowpwd su in chroot 
> > while running X on the host system to see if the problem is normal. 
> No, i haven't and the only time i remenber Gerard doing something like
> that is over an SSH session to one of the bcpub servers.
> May i ask why you are su'ing to another user besides root?

I'm the one who suggested using package users as a simple form of package 
management and I'm using that scheme on my LFS system. So far I've only 
had a few minor difficulties, until I installed shadowpwd that is (of 
course I installed that package as root because it needs to set several 
programs to suid root). From that point I can't use su anymore and I think 
chown also gave me problems but I'm not sure about that. The su problem 
however is perfectly reproducible. Do su, mouse halts, Ctrl-Alt-BS, text 
mode not restored (the console seems to be active, though).
The only way to get the thing stable again is to install shellutils again, 
which overwrites the offending su with its own. Could it be that there is 
a problem with yet unconfigured suauth or whatever config files su uses?


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