Small Home Network

edwarddes edwarddes at
Sun Nov 26 08:39:18 PST 2000

>What you also need is 3 network interfaces.
>Keep in mind you need a crossover cable to link comp-1 to comp-2
>(no hub)
>COMP-1 <-->  COMP-2 <--> INTERNET
>Ofcourse, some people have it like this:
>(requiring only 2 NICs, and a hub)
>COMP-1 <--> HUB <--> COMP-2
>             |
>         INTERNET
>This is a fairly bad solution, security-wise.
>I don't like it.
>(yes, Jesse, I know, with a switch you're not leaking packets)

 a better solution is:
|       |
comp2   comp3...

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