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13. ``How do I configure GNU libc so that the essential libraries like go into /lib and the other into /usr/lib?'' 

To install the essential libraries which come with GNU libc in /lib one must 
explicitly tell this (except on Linux, see below). Autoconf has no option for 
this so you have to use the file where all user supplied additional 
information should go in: `configparms' (see the `INSTALL' file). Therefore 
the `configparms' file should contain:
The first line specifies the directory for the essential libraries, the 
second line the directory for file which are by tradition placed in a 
directory named /etc. 

--> No rule without an exception: If you configure for Linux with 
--> --prefix=/usr, then slibdir and sysconfdir will automatically be 
--> defined as stated above.
(emph. added)

The LFS-Book explicitly instructs the reader to create the configparms-file, 
but it seems that this is not necessary. Maybe the instruction to create the 
file should be replaced by an explanation why it is not necessary to do so.

I hope this issue hasn't been raised before. I'm not subscribed to the 
mailing list, but thought this would be the most appropiate address to send 
this note.

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