glibc configparms file unnecessary

Sergey Ostrovsky sostrovsky at
Sun Nov 26 15:50:26 PST 2000

Frank Lepore wrote:

> Sergey,
> I was very disturbed by your reply. I, for one, found no "attitute" in
> Matthias' post and was wondering the very same thing as he about your
> not having the links. I've always found this list to be one of the
> friendliest--I hope any mis-understanding you have with Mattias is
> cleared up quickly.
> Frank

Frank, I dislike authorities. I didn't see too many peoples that would be happy
with replies like "No, this is wrong", "I do not think so", etc.
_Why_ do you _think_ this is wrong ?
If you do not think so; again, _why_, even better _what_ do you think instead ?
What about that 'lot of trouble' ? What exactly, I mean ?
I would regret to see this list transformed to some kind of 'social life' vehicle.
Believe me, I do not enjoy sending messages like this as mush as you reading.

Sergey Ostrovsky.

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