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Sun Nov 26 16:09:12 PST 2000

Installwatch will work fine in the chroot environment once you have
compiled the non static version of fileutils. I compile fileutils shared
as the FIRST job in the chroot environment. Install watch works via the
ldso LD_PRELOAD mechanism and newly created/installed files can not be
monitored if the install,mv,cp,ln,... commands are using a static
linked open.

If you follow the book , Installwatch will only work for packaages installed
after fileutils.

I do not know if there is some reason to not move the fileutils install
from it's current position to the front of the list. You would probably
want to reinstall it after gcc to compile with dynamic gcc. However , it
must be compiled first to log gcc.


> >
> >The problem with Installwatch is it doesn't work in the chroot environment
> >without a lot of difficulty. Once you have a booted system and compile
> >Instalwatch on it, you can go back into chroot and it will work fine.  I use
> >two scripts while building LFS, one which uses installwatch, and another for
> >the chroot environment which uses 'find'.  They both produce clean filelists
> >of installed packages, and update the lists when one package overwrites files
> >from another (there's quite a bit of that).  The scripts are attached, maybe
> >you'll find them useful .
> >
> >Greg T Hill
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