glibc configparms file unnecessary

Frank Lepore flepor at
Sun Nov 26 16:32:56 PST 2000

On Sunday  November 26 2000 06:50 pm, you wrote:
> Frank Lepore wrote:
> > Sergey,
> >
> > I was very disturbed by your reply. I, for one, found no "attitute" in
> > Matthias' post and was wondering the very same thing as he about your
> > not having the links. I've always found this list to be one of the
> > friendliest--I hope any mis-understanding you have with Mattias is
> > cleared up quickly.
> >
> > Frank
> Frank, I dislike authorities.

I dislike name-calling. It detracts from what is, I'm sure, a learning 
experience for many on this list. You are a frequent poster and I always look 
forward to your posts. You are very intelligent and clearly understand the 
workings of LFS more than I do. 

 I didn't see too many peoples that would be
> happy with replies like "No, this is wrong", "I do not think so", etc.
> _Why_ do you _think_ this is wrong ?
> If you do not think so; again, _why_, even better _what_ do you think
> instead ? What about that 'lot of trouble' ? What exactly, I mean ?

I had no problem with the actual answer--it was your extraneous note that I 
found disagreeable. 

> I would regret to see this list transformed to some kind of 'social life'
> vehicle. 

I don't expect to achieve any kind of 'social life' from sitting in front of 
a computer. 

Believe me, I do not enjoy sending messages like this as mush as
> you reading.
> Sergey Ostrovsky.

Cool. Now back to our regularly scheduled LFS discussions......


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