backups and moving LFS

Tijmen Stam tijmen at
Mon Nov 27 07:57:58 PST 2000


two questions:
1: I want to backup my base LFS system, before I go fiddling with it.
Does tar keep owners & permissions & such? I did RTFM, but didn't find
out anything.. If not, what's your advice?

2: I built the LFS on an pentium 1, with no optimalisation (e.g. didn't
set the C(XX)FLAGS envvars at all.)
Con I copy this to a k6-II, and is it true that the only files I have to
alter then are network-related and /etc/fstab files (and the kernel for
hardware-specific options?)
(BTW I didn't optimize becaus I was to copy it to a 486, but that
shouldn't work, because for e.g. bash's configure autodetects itsself
that it should optimize for a 586 host... :-( that's gonna be
Anyway, I found the part about the optimalization a bit unclear (sorry,
haven't checked 2.4.3 yet, I still use 2.4.2) (All praises for the

Gracias, Tijmen

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