backups and moving LFS

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Mon Nov 27 10:39:21 PST 2000

I built my LFS system on a PII 400 and tried moving it to a P-150.  It
booted ok but when it got to mounting my file systems it didnt work.  It
gave errors that i could not initialize swap or mount my partitions...
Anyway, I dont know what the problem was but it didnt work for me.

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1. Yep, tar keeps permissions. It wouldn't be much of a backup program if it
did not ;-)

2. Again, Yep, you should be able to just copy across and then change the
config files you need to. BTW I built a LFS on a pentium and copied it to a
486sx (no maths co-pro!) I havn't had any problems with it, but remember to
build a kernel for 486 - you can then copy that across too! (there is a
chance I am wrong about this - but I have not had any problems...)

If you have unoptimised binaries, you will probably want to strip out
debugging symbols - to see how to do this look at LFS 2.2 (I think there is
still a copy in the LDP howto section - from the days when LFS *was* a
>From memory:

strip --strip-debug /lib/*        (to strip debugging symbols from libraries
in /lib)

strip --strip-all /bin/*            (to strip all symbols from binaries in

THis will make a *big* difference, especially on the 486, and especially if
you are a little tight on RAM!

Have fun

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Subject: backups and moving LFS

two questions:
1: I want to backup my base LFS system, before I go fiddling with it. Does
tar keep owners & permissions & such? I did RTFM, but didn't find out
anything.. If not, what's your advice?
2: I built the LFS on an pentium 1, with no optimalisation (e.g. didn't set
the C(XX)FLAGS envvars at all.)
Con I copy this to a k6-II, and is it true that the only files I have to
alter then are network-related and /etc/fstab files (and the kernel for
hardware-specific options?)
(BTW I didn't optimize becaus I was to copy it to a 486, but that shouldn't
work, because for e.g. bash's configure autodetects itsself that it should
optimize for a 586 host... :-( that's gonna be rebuilding!
Anyway, I found the part about the optimalization a bit unclear (sorry,
haven't checked 2.4.3 yet, I still use 2.4.2) (All praises for the rest!)
Gracias, Tijmen
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