nasty X crashes

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Mon Nov 27 15:04:23 PST 2000

> So let me get this straight:
> You enter chroot
> you run 'su' and X crashes?

Not crash in the sense of being totally non-responsive. Ctrl-Alt-BS and 
Ctrl-Alt-F1 work. Well, at least X notices them. However text mode is not 
restored even though from typing blind I conclude that the Linux console 
is active. As I don't know of any way to restore the terminal once its 
locked in graphics mode, that is equivalent to a crash to me because I 
have to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to recover (or login via network and "reboot"), 
even though its not technically one. 

BTW, if I enter chroot without X running on the Linux console, I can su 
around as much as I like. No problem on the Linux console. But even if I 
exit chroot, X will not start up after doing so. Or rather, it sounds like 
it's starting up but the screen just turns black. This is the really nasty 
part as this means that "su" somehow creates a persistent problem with the 
graphics system that outlives the chroot session. A reboot is the only way 
to get X to function again. 


This sentence no verb.

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