John E. Garrott Sr johnga at
Tue Nov 28 02:43:26 PST 2000

Got gnome running -- er - okay, walking,  well,
would you believe limping?

Had gdm working, now not, but that is probably
a configuration problem.  I'll find it.  Maybe :)

Big problem is sound.  Sorta get some.  The .wav
files in /usr/share/sound mostly play, but some
seem to be missing.  For example:  error.wav

A search of the gnome site and dejanews turned up
a comment that error.wav exists.  It isn't in
gnome-audio.  Could someone direct me to a site?
Or documentation on the subject?  I haven't fooled
much with such things before so have little idea
of sources.

Thanks in advance,


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