kmod: failed to exec modprobe?

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at
Tue Nov 28 11:04:25 PST 2000

On Tuesday 28 November 2000 17:43, you wrote:

> > While i'm booting my lfs, I get
> setting up hostname, and then 8 times:
> kmod: failed to exec /sbin/modprobe -s -k net-p6-?, errno = 2
> (where ? stands for 3,6,5,9,3,6,5,9 respectively)
> And then an [  OK  ] wich seems to belong to the localnet file... wich
> seems to be ok...

it is probably net-pf-?, isn't it?
I know that net-pf-9 is the loopback device.
so you have to put following line into your /etc/modules.conf
alias net-pf-9 loop

for the others check the kernel Documentation 
(modules.txt, networking/net-modules.txt)

> The history involving modules (I hate modules, but that's just because i
> don't know how to handle them... Another thing i'll have to learn):
> I had a kernel 2.2.17 installed, but the NIC and ISDN card didn't work,
> probably because I jest made some wrong decisions in make menuconfig...
> (i then didn't get this message) So, lazy as I am, i loaded an old
> 2.2.14 configuration file from the same pc's "base system" wich I knew
> was working (and had made myself) into the 2.2.17 make menuconfig, made
> a quick walk trough all menus, and made the bzImage, module and
> modules_install.. I didn't want modules, but appearently the ipv4 stuff
> got in as modules anyway....
> I have no /etc/modules.conf set up jet (i had more modules in the old
> 2.2.17 kernel, but didn;t get the errmsg), and I can't find a
> modules.dep anywhere....

You probably have too.

> What to do... suggestions?

Well sounds all a bit confused, I suggest reconfiguring your kernel, try 
reading all the points, understand what they do, read the help

> Another question... While testing some things, i had stoppes the
> sysklogd, and I cot the number of someone calling on my screen (via the
> ISDN card), but such messages aren't stored in /var/log/*... Where are
> the stored (logged by klogd)

see /etc/syslog.conf or man syslog.conf

Hope that helps

P.S. Modules are a great thing, since you can change features on your kernel 
without rebooting. Besides they save resources.


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