kmod: failed to exec modprobe?

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at
Tue Nov 28 16:03:28 PST 2000

On Tuesday 28 November 2000 21:11, you wrote:

> In make menuconfig the loopback device is off, but that's the loopback
> device under block devices.. I don't think that has anything to do with the
> "noetworking" loopback...
See what the help button says, it usually includes information on which module
is build. (if the block one is loop.o it is the right one)

> Oh... I found out the problem: kmod reads the location of modprobe from
> /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe (I thought), and it tells /sbin/modprobe, while
> it's really in /usr/modprobe. So in the next LFS shoud be menthione either
> - echo "/usr//sbin/modprobe" > /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe  (this should
> happen everytime at boot time, before any other progs
> or
> cd /sbin && ln -s ../usr/sbin/modprobe modprobe (needs to be done once,
> thus is way simpler!)
I think you did something wrong on the way, it should work without this 

> > for the others check the kernel Documentation
> > (modules.txt, networking/net-modules.txt)
> modules said I shouls alias net-pf- 3,4 and 6 to "off", I did so with 5&9
> too, it still doesn't work...

> > P.S. Modules are a great thing, since you can change features on your
> > kernel without rebooting. Besides they save resources.
> and they add errors!
They have never severly done so for me, and I use them since I use Linux (ca 
4 years)

In your place, i would start over with the whole thing, rm everything thats 
related to kernel/module (i.e /lib/modules/<version> /usr/src/linux 
/modules.conf) reinstall kernel sources, reconfigure *slowly*, recompile with
make dep clean bzImage modules modules_install, recreate modules.conf, reboot 
and hope ;)


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