BUGTRAQ alert - [SECURITY] [DSA-001-1] ed symlink attack

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Wed Nov 29 14:48:08 PST 2000


> I am thinking about removing ed from the book. I know certain people still 
> use it, but they can install it themselves if they really want it. The only 
> reason why ed was in the book is that the patch program can use ed scripts to 
> patch. But I haven't come across an ed script to patch with in all my life. 
> It's all been files created by the diff program. Also I don't think a whole 
> lot of programs need ed to either compile or run. I'm of course mistaken so 
> correct me if I'm wrong

Then of course you could remove vim as well, couldn't you? I'd rather see 
other editors added as alternatives instead of advocating "the one and 
only true Unix editor vim".


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